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May 25, 2022

A Little More Communication, A Lot More Cohesion

Sponsored Content provided by Drew Smith - Director of Communications, Copiers Plus

In a recent interview between novelist Brad Meltzer and talk show host Glenn Beck, the two longtime friends discussed their shared love of history and artifacts. The conversation then shifted to something on Meltzer’s “bucket list.” He wanted to wear the original Superman cape worn and made iconic by Christopher Reeve. Beck then told Meltzer that he had a gift for him. It was the very Superman cape he yearned to wear. Beck explained that he had won it in an auction and wanted to make sure his friend could cross off that item from his bucket list before he placed it into his history museum. Melzer’s reaction was a mix of amazement and amusement. You see, he was the other bidder in the auction! In the end, both men were able to achieve their goals, but there was a higher cost than if they had communicated together prior to the acquisition. 
While you will seldom be in a situation to bid up your friend for a priceless artifact, there will be times that not communicating with team members can cost you time and money. Below are some ways you can leverage collaboration within your organization through document technology.
Approval Processing
What are the day to day processes present in your organization? Do you have sales orders that have to go through multiple approvals before moving to billing? When you have to purchase items for your department are there steps you have to take? What are the thresholds that trigger different processes?
Below are 2 examples of an approval process aided by document management.

  1. A sales order comes in from a sales representative with a customer signature and is sent 
to their manager. The manager reviews it and then sends it along to billing if everything is good to go. If there are corrections then it will go back to the sales rep and the process will repeat until approval is given by the manager. 
Now imagine if you had automated technology that allowed for this process to be systemized to where the sales order was scanned in and automatically routed to the manager without any information other than the click of a button on the copier? From there the software would notify the manager of the document pending approval and allow approval or denial, along with comments to send back to the rep. The approval would send the order to billing and once paid would trigger an alert to all parties that the deal had funded. 
By utilizing OCR (Optimal Character Recognition) technology and document management software you allow everyone involved in the process to know exactly what is going on in the life cycle of the order. Is the packet missing a certain document? It gets denied with the click of a button and note so that everyone can stay working on what they need to do instead of explaining over an email with multiple people what is going on and then waiting for a response. You can grant C-level access to view as well so they can check on the status of the day-to-day. This provides accountability as well as limits the need for multiple meetings regarding the status of certain accounts or tasks.
  1. You notice that you have an excessive amount of a certain item in inventory that isn’t being used and has a hefty price tag. You implement a new process for ordering supplies for the service department that requires a technician to submit a purchase request for parts and supplies that have to be ordered. Requests are then sent to the service manager for approval. If a certain dollar amount is reached the approval process would include the VP of Service. 
By putting these parameters in place, there is a record of requests and the approvals. Diagnosing what is necessary and unwarranted becomes easier to see for management and C-level representatives. Plus this all can be done through a simple document that is triggered through set parameters as to who it gets routed to. If an approval is taking too long a reminder alert can be sent, ensuring the process is not stalled.  
Cloud Collaborative Documents
When you are working on a project with other team members you can share information without having to email them for input. By sharing documents through the cloud, you can allow users access to read and edit documents in real time. In addition to the input, you can see the different versions of your document over time. If you need to send the document to someone, just share the link. You can ensure the security of the document by incorporating a password for team members. There are many different options available for at no cost, including Google Docs and Microsoft Word. 
Cloud Storage
With a cloud storage solution you can retrieve important organizational files online, through an app or through your office copier. You can browse sub folders and set up permissions for users that have access to certain information, ensuring organizational security and fostering accessibility. The ability to scan and print to subfolders provides real time access to multiple users without the need for email attachments and the vulnerability associated with unauthorized users being forwarded information. Audit trails can be accessed for information as well, adding a layer of protection and compliance with regulatory standards. 
When it comes to document technology, accessibility, collaboration and security are king. Ensuring team members have constant access to the information they need to make informed decisions brings team cohesion and increased productivity. If you are interested in merging your organization’s document processes with innovative solutions, we are here to help! Reach out to us today at 800-648-7081 or online to schedule your free consultation. 
Drew Smith currently serves as Director of Communications for Copiers Plus. The company specializes in modernizing office equipment and increasing efficiencies in workplace communications throughout the state of North Carolina. To learn more about how Copiers Plus is providing their customers with innovative document solutions and enhanced printing transparency, visit Drew would love to hear from you at [email protected].

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