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Human Resources
May 16, 2023

HR Lessons from Crowning a New King

Sponsored Content provided by Khalilah Olokunola - Founder | Impact Architect, ReEngineering HR

Charles is now officially King, and his coronation offers valuable lessons for HR professionals. While the monarchy may operate differently than the corporate world, there are valuable lessons we can draw from this historic moment. It’s also important to mention that there are only a few items on this list that our company offers a solution too but ILM has a handful of other incredible HR firms that can also assist you like Human Capital Solutions, Montani Consulting, Leath HR and WNY People Development . We've taken the time to compile a few of the key HR lessons to learn from this royal occasion, it's worth calling out that our list is just the beginning. There are plenty more!

Succession Planning: The process of selecting a new monarch involves careful succession planning. Similarly, organizations should have well-defined succession plans in place to identify and groom potential leaders within the company. By developing a talent pipeline and ensuring a smooth transition of leadership, organizations can maintain stability and minimize disruptions.

Managing change: Change can be difficult, especially in a monarchy where traditions and customs are deeply ingrained. Similarly, organizations may resist change due to fear of the unknown or loss of control. The new leader must manage change effectively by involving stakeholders, addressing concerns, and providing support.

Leadership Development: The new king undergoes extensive training and preparation to assume his role. Similarly, HR departments should prioritize leadership development programs to equip employees with the necessary skills and competencies for future leadership positions. Investing in training and mentorship can foster a strong leadership pipeline within the organization. When it comes to leadership development , we start by assessing the individual team member to identify a profile that highlights who they are so you can better understand what they do and what tools they need to unlock additional potential . Furthermore it helps us identify the team personality and who your organization may need to have on board for certain projects, problems and plans based on their heart case - Motivating factors, head case - Cognitive ability and briefcase - Knowledge and Skills. Identifying leadership style matters because every leader has their own approach to management. The new king's leadership style will influence the culture and direction of the monarchy. Similarly, in business, the leader's style can impact employee engagement, morale, and productivity.

Cultural Transformation: A change in monarchy often brings about a shift in the country's cultural and societal dynamics. Similarly, when an organization experiences a change in leadership, HR plays a crucial role in managing the cultural transformation. HR should work closely with the new leadership to align the organization's values, vision, and mission, while also ensuring that employees understand and embrace the changes. This is our wheelhouse and our Alphabet Audit hasn’t failed to transform a culture that embraced it . We can identify ant icebergs and insights that you may not see and provide a solution, a strategy or a specialty training that is people focused, purpose driven and profit aligned.

Communication and Engagement: The coronation of a new king is accompanied by public announcements and celebrations to engage and involve the citizens. Similarly, during times of change in an organization, effective communication is vital. HR should play an active role in ensuring transparent and timely communication with employees, addressing concerns, and keeping them engaged throughout the transition.

Respect for Tradition and Heritage: The monarchy is steeped in tradition and history, and the coronation ceremony reflects this. Similarly, organizations should respect their history, values, and heritage. HR can contribute to this by fostering a strong organizational culture that honors the company's roots while also embracing innovation and change.

Symbolic Leadership: The king serves as a symbolic figurehead and represents the nation. Likewise, HR leaders should embody the values and culture of the organization, serving as role models for employees. By setting a positive example and demonstrating integrity, HR leaders can inspire trust and confidence among employees.

While the crowning of a new king offers valuable insights, these lessons can help HR use real world events to create internal strategies. 

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