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Human Resources
Feb 1, 2023

The F Bombs are Dropping

Sponsored Content provided by Khalilah Olokunola - Founder | Impact Architect, ReEngineering HR

As a CEO, Human Resource professional or founder of an organization, you’ve likely seen them--the dreaded F Bombs: Frustration. Fear. Futility. And the newest one we are discussing today that’s trending - Being Fired or Formally Laid off.  These bombs can be dropped by employees and leaders alike when expectations aren’t being met, workloads are too high, communication is failing, morale is low and like today the slowing economy becomes reflective of the internal changes that need to be met for  your organization to thrive. Changes that we’ve all seen happening across the country from Big Tech to local organizations we love.   

If the F Bombs have already hit your workplace, chances are that things have devolved into chaos and negativity quickly—and if left unfixed for too long those bombs will have lasting effects on productivity , profitability & personal company brand down the road. But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

If you're facing formally laying people off  at your business, here's what you need to know to help your team make it through with minimal disruption. 

Let’s Communicate Openly and Honestly 
When it comes to layoffs, communication is key. It's important that you provide your team with as much information as possible about the layoff process. Be sure to talk openly about why the layoffs are happening, how long they will last, and how decisions were made about which employees would be impacted. You don't want rumors running rampant or for people to feel like they've been left in the dark—this only adds stress and anxiety to an already difficult situation. Additionally, be sure to communicate any resources available for those affected by the layoffs such as job search assistance, resume help or other support services like our PInk Slip Party Package.

Let’s Listen Compassionately
Layoffs can be emotionally draining for everyone involved—the employees who are being let go as well as those who remain with the company after the cuts have been made. It’s called survivors syndrome & It's important that you take time to listen compassionately to anyone who needs to talk during this difficult time. This could mean listening sessions to draw out real time data that you can use to design programs & processes for your people . It could also mean offering counseling services or other forms of emotional support in addition to whatever financial assistance may be available from your organization. 

Let’s Provide Encouragement
Even when times are tough, there are still ways for you to encourage your team members and motivate them during a layoff period. Find ways to celebrate small wins throughout the transition—whether it's recognizing an employee who has gone above and beyond in helping others find jobs or simply acknowledging someone's hard work over the past few weeks—and make sure that everyone knows their efforts are appreciated even if things don't turn out exactly as planned. Additionally, focus on building up morale by creating team-building activities or group projects that allow people to get their minds off of what's going on around them while still fostering collaboration & community within your organization. 

Let’s work together 
Facing an F Bomb, a formal layoff is never easy —for those directly affected by it or for those helping them through this difficult process. At ReHR , we’ve found that most F Bombs are intertwined & initiated by incidents, lack of information and insight into a pending issue.

As a CEO, founder, or HR personnel tasked with supporting your team during a layoff period , it’s important that you remain proactive and not in the shadows throughout this transition period. Doing so will not only help ensure that everyone makes it through this challenging time but also strengthen relationships within your organization over the long run even after everything has settled down again . Remember how you lead in a lay off  will speak to how you lead in the long run. 

If you want to talk about any of the F Bombs dropping in your workplace , give us a shout . We have a team skilled at developing diffusing solutions that align your people strategy to your organizational & sustainable development goals.

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