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Economic Development
Aug 20, 2021

10 Reasons Local Matters When Choosing A Solar Installation Company

Sponsored Content provided by Robert Parker - COO, Cape Fear Solar Systems

1.  Knowledge of regulations, codes, and laws

One of the most notable reasons home and business owners choose to work with a local solar installation company is their knowledge and area experience. Local solar companies are aware of local solar policies, county regulations, local utility company restrictions, and building codes specific to your area. There are specific building codes in place to ensure your solar panels are secure, even when experiencing high wind loads which is common in Southeastern, North Carolina. National solar companies that serve many areas, often lack local expertise and are unaware of utility restrictions. Choosing a local solar installer will make going solar safer and easier.
2.  Cost, upfront pricing, and accurate forecasting

Local solar companies offer fair and honest upfront pricing. National companies often have a high- and low-end pricing matrix, which allows the salesperson to overcharge you or propose an option that forfeits quality. It is always critical to know exactly what type of solar panel you are being sold as well as the warranty terms. National companies often advertise a large cashback promotion (such as $5,000 cashback) but what they are really doing is adding that cost into your pricing and hiding it within the overall system cost. A local company will offer straightforward pricing, so you are getting fair pricing for the panel model proposed. It is not uncommon for a national solar company to overpromise solar production (for example eliminating your whole electric bill with just a few panels) while a local company will provide an accurate energy forecast. Plus, a local solar company will take time to show you the calculations.

3.   No high-pressure sales

National solar companies often have high-pressure sales tactics that try to convince you to buy solar on the spot. They make you feel like you are missing out by not signing up immediately. This is because they may not plan to stick around for the long term—so a quick sales process is key for their business model. A reputable and local solar company will give you time to do your homework, recommend you speak to references, and take your time deciding if solar is right for your home or business. Occasionally solar customers have already spoken with references or were referred to the local solar company and signup on the spot, however, there is no pressure to do so. Most solar customers take a few days to decide while others take a few weeks—sometimes longer.

4.  Local companies provide full service

One of the biggest complaints reported when choosing a large national solar company is post-installation support. Repairing a solar system is not profitable, so in many cases, national companies refuse to travel to troubleshoot and repair systems they installed regardless of what the salesperson promised. Choosing a local solar company ensures the company will be able to service your system since they don’t need to travel far to confirm your system is working as designed.

5.  Impact on the community

A huge benefit in choosing a local solar company is supporting a local business. By supporting a business in your community, you also help support local economic development. When you go solar, you are also supporting a company that is actively working to improve the environment and reduce carbon emissions in your area.  

6.  Insurance, certifications, and in-house staff

Reputable solar companies will hold all insurance and certifications required. Out-of-town solar contractors often use subcontractors which may not be properly insured or certified to install solar. Regardless of the solar company’s location—it is very important you know the installation is being done by a company holding liability insurance, workers compensation, and has screened the crews coming to your home or business.

7.  References

When looking into solar, you’ll likely want to connect with a few local solar owners to gain valuable insights on their experience, including their system production, sales process, and post-installation service. A national company is less likely to connect you with nearby references while a local company will be eager to get you connected with customers in your neighborhood.

8.  Local Reputation

A local solar company will have reviews specific to your area while a national company will have reviews in many areas. They may display hundreds, perhaps thousands of reviews but how many are truly relevant to you? It’s always important to read through reviews and check Better Business Bureau ratings and comments.

9.  Adding products later

In the event you choose to add more panels or even a battery backup option post-installation, it’s much easier to work with a local company that knows exactly how your system is designed. A local company will have a much quicker timeline for product additions over a national company that may need to hire subcontractors to perform the labor. The national company may not complete the sale if it’s not profitable for them to return. This could also result in them overcharging you.

10.  Local solar companies are less likely to disappear

Local solar companies have a concentrated focus on growing within a designated radius. National solar companies are more likely to disappear because they concentrate in an area when incentives are right and vanish when it no longer benefits their bottom line. This leaves solar customers without a company to honor warranties. These customers often end up calling the local solar company for help.

About Cape Fear Solar Systems, LLC
Cape Fear Solar Systems has been empowering home and business owners with energy independence since 2007. The company has been recognized for their achievements by the Better Business Bureau of Coastal Carolina along with many other community-based agencies and was most recently selected as the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce’s winner as part of the 2021 Coastal Entrepreneurship Awards. Cape Fear Solar designs and installs solar and battery solutions for Southeastern, North Carolina including Wilmington, Raleigh, and surrounding areas. Their staff consists of highly trained individuals, many of which are NABCEP certified. The company provides the highest quality of craftsmanship, products, and material. Additionally, customers receive unlimited post-installation support. Brands installed by Cape Fear Solar include LG, SunPower, Tesla, Generac, Enphase, ChargePoint and more.
Learn more by visiting or call 910-409-5533.

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