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Human Resources
Dec 8, 2022

Stay Interviews: 6 Questions to Ask Your Employees Regularly

Sponsored Content provided by Gabrielle Plumez - People and Culture Consultant, Leath HR Group

Employee Retention | Manager/Employee 1:1s 

Competitive pay, half-day Fridays, and snack-stocked break rooms are company perks that catch your eye as a potential new hire. They certainly entice you while interviewing and for the first few weeks on the job. But what’s left to retain folks when the novelty wears off? It’s the company culture and, ultimately, an environment of trust and healthy work relationships.
We are social beings with basic needs, take Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, for example, workplace elements can be found in all layers. Starting with Physiological (you need $ to provide these needs), Safety (job security), Belonging (sense of camaraderie), Esteem (respect and recognition) and ending with Self-Actualization which is where the employee is supported by the foundational layers and operates at full-potential as a highly productive member of the team. The key to cultivating an award-winning culture begins with rapport & trust. This takes a thoughtful approach and time, so don’t expect overnight results. Manager and employee 1:1s (or ‘“stay interviews”) are a great place to start, but there are crucial elements that make them successful.
Okay, okay - I’ve scheduled my regular 1:1 with my employees, now what? How do I know what to ask? How do I know if I am asking the “right” questions to get the feedback I need? 
Here is a list of foundational questions to get you started:

  1. How has your workload been over the past month? Are you feeling accomplished or are you feeling behind?
  2. What has made you feel the most excited to come to work?
  3. Do you feel like our organization is valuing the work you are doing? 
  4. Is there a particular skill that you have that is not being used in your current role? 
  5. Is there a specific part of the organization you would like to learn more about?
  6. How can I support you more as your supervisor? 
In addition, you must address career progression, this is huge for the current talent market. Employees want to have a plan and see growth opportunities with your company. Ask them what their goals are, and ask them if there are skills they would like to learn. When a leader helps employees reach their goals, everyone wins.  If you are a leader of leaders, empower them and give them the tools to be successful in this realm. 
Oftentimes, 1:1s are pushed back for one reason or another, most times it is because of cluttered calendars and the reschedule just doesn’t happen. But, here’s the risk of not successfully using this 1:1 time to build rapport & trust: Your good employees will leave, and your culture can be damaged.

Get back to the basics and talk to your folks. Communication is a powerful retention tool. It is time to re-prioritize communication in the workplace. At Leath HR Group, we like to say “Instead of conducting exit interviews, host “stay-interviews””. 
Leath HR Group’s HR technology, WorkTok, is a great tool to use for “stay-interviews”. You are able to gather feedback with quick targeted two-way communication between manager and employee with write-ins or quick touch responses using emojis. Get started at no cost for 30 days. Ask your employees what it will take to make them stay.
If you are in a need of a retention strategy or a modernized upfit to your current one, give Leath HR Group a call! 

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