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Dave Sweyer

Owner and Broker, Sweyer Property Management

After working for GE and Allied Signal for several years, Dave Sweyer joined his family’s real estate business in 1998. Not long after joining the family business, Dave embarked upon starting a long-term residential rental company  

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Residential Real Estate
Jul 5, 2023

Insights into the 2023 Leasing Market in Wilmington, NC: What You Need to Know

The leasing market in Wilmington, North Carolina, has been experiencing notable changes in 2023. With the local economy flourishing and the city's popularity as a desirable place to live, work, an ...

Residential Real Estate
May 3, 2023

10 Mistakes Rental Property Investors Should Avoid

Are you a rental property investor looking to maximize your profit while minimizing risk? You’re not alone! Many rental property owners face the same challenge of navigating pitfalls and obstacl ...

Residential Real Estate
Apr 6, 2023

Eight Spring Maintenance Tips for Rental Property Owners

Springtime is upon us, meaning certain property maintenance tasks must be done. But don’t fret - with these eight tips, you’ll have a well-maintained rental home this spring. Whether you ...

Residential Real Estate
Mar 3, 2023

Six Things Renters Are Looking For in 2023

Are you a rental property owner who wants to stay ahead of the curve? Then you'll want to know about some things renters are looking for in 2023. From energy-efficient appliances to private outd ...

Residential Real Estate
Feb 22, 2023

The Importance of Preventative Maintenance in Rental Properties

If you're a rental property owner, you know that preventative maintenance is key to keeping your tenants happy and your investment in good shape. But what exactly falls under the umbrella of pre ...

Residential Real Estate
Feb 22, 2023

Tips for Investors Acquiring Rental Properties

For many would-be rental property investors, the process of acquiring a new rental home can be daunting. There are several things to consider before making the purchase, and it’s important to ...

Residential Real Estate
Jan 25, 2023

12 Tax Deductions Available to Rental Property Investors

Oh, January – it's the time of the year for fresh starts, new resolutions, and… taxes. But if you're a rental property owner, we've got some good news - you may be elig ...

Residential Real Estate
Jan 25, 2023

Risks of Not Partnering with a Professional Property Management Company

A lot goes into being a landlord - from finding the right tenants to maintaining the property. And while some landlords may be tempted to go the DIY route, some serious risks are involved in not hir ...

Residential Real Estate
Dec 19, 2022

10 Great Ways for Landlords and Tenants to Save Energy in Rental Homes

If you’re looking to lower your monthly bills or reduce your carbon footprint, employing energy-saving methods in your rental home is a great way to do both. In this article, we’ll give ...

Residential Real Estate
Dec 5, 2022

Property Management Jargon Explained

Whether you're new to real estate investing or have been at it for years, you've probably realized that the world of property management has its own language. Or, perhaps, you've heard som ...

Residential Real Estate
Nov 14, 2022

5 Types of Difficult Tenants Landlords May Encounter – And How to Deal With Them

As a landlord, you will likely encounter difficult tenants at some point. And, as you might imagine, difficult tenants can be a huge hassle and cause a lot of stress. They can also cost you money if ...

Residential Real Estate
Nov 3, 2022

The Secret to Building Your Rental Investment Portfolio? Working With a Property Manager

If you’re an investor looking to build a rental property portfolio, then it’s important to consider hiring a professional property manager. Property managers have a wealth of knowledge w ...

Residential Real Estate
Oct 17, 2022

Essential Insurance Coverage for Rental Property Owners

Having the right insurance coverage is important if you are a rental property owner. There are several types of policies that you should consider, including dwelling coverage, personal property cove ...

Oct 4, 2022

Preparing for Colder Weather: What Rental Property Owners Need to Know

As the days grow shorter and the leaves start to change color, rental property owners know that the autumn has arrived and the winter season is just around the corner. While this time is quite beautif ...

Residential Real Estate
Sep 15, 2022

12 Important Questions to Ask When Interviewing a New Property Manager

If you're looking for a new property manager, it's important to ask the right questions. You need to make sure that the company you hire is qualified and experienced in property managem ...

Sep 1, 2022

Landlords: Keep Good Tenants with These Tips!

As a landlord, you want to do everything possible to keep good tenants in your property for as long as possible. This means being prompt with communication, handling maintenance requests efficiently, ...

Aug 15, 2022

What Homeowners Wish They Knew Before Becoming Landlords

It’s all but guaranteed that most homeowners, at one point or another, have thought about or seriously considered becoming landlords. After all, they know how to maintain their home, pay their m ...

Aug 2, 2022

Allowing Pets at Your Rental Property: Why It's a Good Choice

Nowadays, more and more landlords are allowing pets at their rental properties. This choice has many benefits, including increased tenant retention and a larger pool of potential renters. However ...

Residential Real Estate
Jul 15, 2022

Giving Your Rental Property the Curb Appeal It Needs to Attract Tenants

Like most landlords, you want your rental property to attract the best tenants possible. And one of the easiest ways to do that is by giving your property some curb appeal. By making a few simple ...

Residential Real Estate
Jun 29, 2022

How to Maintain the HVAC in Rental Homes: Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices

When it comes to HVAC units in rental properties, there are a few key things landlords should keep in mind. By following some simple preventative maintenance tips and tricks, you can help ensure your ...

Residential Real Estate
Jun 14, 2022

Prepare Your Property For Hurricane Season Now!

It's official - hurricane season is here, and storms will soon start making their trek across the Atlantic Ocean to visit us. While some people are preparing themselves by stocking up on supplies ...

Residential Real Estate
May 16, 2022

Common Property Management Mistakes

Mistakes are a part of life. They also are a part of owning and growing a business. But mistakes in business can cost you money, and no one in business likes losing money. Thankfully, we have the c ...

Residential Real Estate
Apr 22, 2022

Marketing Your Rental Properties

Marketing is an effort and an expense that nearly every business must budget for and put resources behind.  That fact is no different for your rental properties. Remember, owning and rentin ...

Residential Real Estate
Apr 11, 2022

Preventative Maintenance

There's no other way to look at it – when it comes to managing rental properties, the goal is to maximize profit for the property owner, whether that is yourself, a group of investors, or an ...

Residential Real Estate
Mar 17, 2022

Managing a Rental Property Within an HOA Community

Rental investment properties have long been a source of smart, steady-growth investment. But, as with any investment, there are many factors to consider before signing on the dotted line and passing c ...

Residential Real Estate
Mar 9, 2022

How and When to Raise Rent

It's said that nothing in this world is certain except death and taxes. The rising cost of housing should perhaps be added to that list. All property owners know this reality. But, whether i ...

Residential Real Estate
Feb 23, 2022

The Ins and Outs of Qualifying Tenants

It can be a nerve-wracking time when your rental property undergoes a tenant change. You may have had a fantastic tenant who paid on time, took care of the property, and was responsive to necessary co ...

Residential Real Estate
Feb 10, 2022

Growing Your Investment Property Portfolio

If residential rental real estate is a part of your investment portfolio, you may wonder if and when there is a right time to grow your portfolio. Of course, given that every investor's goals, ...

Residential Real Estate
Jan 26, 2022

Property Inspections: Everyone Wins

In North Carolina, every vehicle owner (or lessee) must have their vehicle inspected annually. This is done to ensure that vehicles on the road meet certain benchmarks for safety and emissions. Whi ...

Residential Real Estate
Dec 17, 2021

Short-Term vs. Long-Term Rentals

Much like other types of investments, real estate investments come in many shapes and sizes. In the world of residential real estate investments, things tend to boil down somewhat simply into two c ...

Residential Real Estate
Nov 30, 2021

How Do I Determine Market Rent?

What to charge? It's an age-old question for anyone who has something to sell or, in the case of investment properties, something to rent. The logic of capitalism tells us that the free market, ...

Residential Real Estate
Nov 18, 2021

The Dos and Don’ts of Eviction

No one ever likes to consider that the day may arrive when they have to evict a tenant from their rental property. It’s a stressful event for everyone involved – the property owner who is ...

Residential Real Estate
Nov 1, 2021

Eight Questions to Ask a New Property Management Company

If you have decided to have rental properties as a part of your investment portfolio, one of the first decisions you will need to make is whether to use a property management company and, if so, which ...

Residential Real Estate
Oct 21, 2021

How to Avoid and Handle Difficult Tenants

Rental real estate is traditionally an excellent medium-to-long-term investment from a financial standpoint. But the idea of dealing with difficult tenants is at or near the top of the list of why man ...

Residential Real Estate
Sep 29, 2021

How Property Managers Help Avoid Pitfalls of Hiring Vendors

HOW PROPERTY MANAGERS HELP AVOID PITFALLS OF HIRING VENDORS        The term “investment property” does not describe any one type of house, condo, townh ...

Residential Real Estate
Sep 9, 2021

Rental Properties: To Furnish or Not to Furnish?

Rental properties can be great investments and provide month-over-month profit for owners, while simultaneously accruing equity over the longer term. Some owners have a single rental property, whil ...

Residential Real Estate
Aug 30, 2021

How Professional Property Managers Help In Hurricane Preparedness

We are nearing the peak of the Atlantic hurricane season and, thankfully, the season thus far has been relatively uneventful for those of us in the coastal Carolina area. Being prepared for hurrica ...

Residential Real Estate
Aug 4, 2021

Considering DIY Maintenance at Your Rental Investment Property? Read This First...

 If you're new to property investments, one idea you may be toying with, especially if you're a local, is taking care of maintenance issues yourself. Is this a good idea? Oftentimes inves ...

Residential Real Estate
Jul 15, 2021

What Type of Investment Is Best for You? Here Are 6 Reasons That Rental Properties Make a Great Choice.

Though purchasing rental properties may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you hear, "easy investment," perhaps it should be. Why? Investing in rental properties comes with many ...

Residential Real Estate
Jun 23, 2021

Appealing to Millennials: How to Attract the Largest Demographic of Renters to Your Investment Property

Unlike generations before them, many millennials have delayed purchasing their first property whether it be out of personal preference or financial necessity. This group, now aged roughly 25-40, is cu ...

Residential Real Estate
Jun 1, 2021

6 Things Wise Rental Property Investors Always Do

When investing in rental properties, your ultimate goal is to make a profit, right? In a perfect world, this could be achieved by simply buying a property, putting it on the market, and finding a tena ...

Residential Real Estate
Apr 30, 2021

Looking for Rental Investment Properties? Here’s Why Investing Out of State Could Be Your Best Bet.

Purchasing rental properties in your immediate geographical area may seem like the only option when it comes to real estate investing; however, there are many advantages that come along with investing ...

Residential Real Estate
Apr 14, 2021

Entering the World of Rental Property Investments? Here Are Some Key Terms You Need to Know.

Investing in real estate is one of the biggest decisions property owners will make. If you’re new to the investment game, you’re probably coming across a lot of words, phrases, and acronym ...

Residential Real Estate
Apr 1, 2021

7 Inexpensive Upgrades You Can Make to Your Rental Property

Full home renovations can get quite expensive to say the least - even a complete renovation of just one area of a home may be outside of a homeowner’s budget. However, for investment properties, ...

Residential Real Estate
Mar 15, 2021

Tax Refund Coming Your Way? Here Are Some Reasons Why Investing In Rental Property Could Be the Best Choice for You

With the April 15th tax deadline quickly approaching, many of you may have already filed your taxes and perhaps even have a refund coming your way. Are you still trying to decide what to do with that ...

Residential Real Estate
Mar 1, 2021

Looking to Purchase a Rental Investment Property? Here's How to Avoid Making a Bad Investment

Becoming a rental property investor is a great way to generate extra income as well as build your nest egg or investment portfolio. However, the purchase of a rental property shouldn't be taken li ...

Residential Real Estate
Feb 15, 2021

Found a Rental Ad That Sounds Too Good to Be True? It's Probably a Scam

With most rental home searches being conducted online, those intending to scam prospective renters can easily create duplicate ads by copying real ones and stealing their photos. Though fraudulent ads ...

Residential Real Estate
Feb 1, 2021

5 Ways Hiring a Professional Property Management Company Adds Value for Investors

If you're an investor with a growing portfolio of rental properties, self-managing those properties may become increasingly difficult as your portfolio increases. With a greater number of properti ...

Residential Real Estate
Jan 18, 2021

4 Great Reasons Service Members Should Consider Becoming Investment Property Owners

For members of the armed forces, receiving a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) comes with many decisions that must be made. What will you do with your home while you're away? Though selling may se ...

Residential Real Estate
Jan 4, 2021

The State of the Rental Market In Southeastern NC

January 2021 - Despite the many challenges presented by 2020, we’re happy to say that the rental market in the Greater Wilmington Area remained strong. Across the board, occupancy rates continue ...

Residential Real Estate
Dec 15, 2020

6 Tips for Keeping Great Tenants In Your Investment Property

So, you've found the perfect tenants, there's a huge burden lifted off your shoulders and the hard part is over, right? Well don’t get settled in just yet, now you need to shift your foc ...

Residential Real Estate
Dec 1, 2020

10 Holiday Decorating Tips for Renters

With the holidays and the end of the year fast approaching, many of you are probably beginning to put up some festive decorations. Afterall, a little extra holiday cheer goes a long way in brightening ...

Residential Real Estate
Nov 16, 2020

Does Your Investment Property Receive Regular Inspections? If Not, Here’s Why It Should.

If you're a new investment property owner, you may be unfamiliar with property inspections as they apply to these properties. Unlike home inspections when purchasing a new property, inspections of ...

Residential Real Estate
Nov 2, 2020

Communication Best Practices for Landlords and Tenants

Communication is key, as they say, and this is nowhere more apparent than in the landlord/tenant relationship. With the extra stress everyone is facing these days, the slightest communication misstep ...

Residential Real Estate
Oct 15, 2020

Comprehensive Tenant Screenings: How to Ensure Qualified Tenants Are Renting Your Investment Properties

Finding qualified tenants for your rental properties is one of the best ways you can protect your investment. By weeding out those who are less likely to pay rent on time and care for the property, la ...

Residential Real Estate
Oct 1, 2020

Benefits of Having a Personal Property Manager Oversee Your Investment Property

It's happened to all of us - you call a business hoping to speak with someone who can answer a quick question or settle an issue only to have your call passed around to five different people and u ...

Residential Real Estate
Sep 15, 2020

Receive a Permanent Change of Station? 5 Reasons Members of the Military Should Consider Becoming Landlords

Deciding whether to sell your home or become an investment property owner is something many active-duty service members will face at some point in their careers. And, unfortunately, there is no " ...

Residential Real Estate
Sep 1, 2020

Home Not Selling? 3 Top Reasons to Consider Putting It on the Rental Market

For those with homes on the real estate sales market, nothing is quite as frustrating as watching it sit for months or even years with minimal traffic and no viable offers. If you're currently in ...

Residential Real Estate
Aug 18, 2020

Converting Your Vacation Rental Property Into a Long-Term Rental Investment

Though businesses are beginning to reopen in many areas of the country and we are all adjusting to what might be our "new normal", many things still remain uncertain. One of those uncertaint ...

Residential Real Estate
Aug 3, 2020

8 Signs It May Be Time to Call In the Professionals to Manage Your Investment Property

So, you've decided to purchase an investment property − congratulations! But what comes next? You of course want to find a great tenant who will pay rent on time and care for the property. A ...

Residential Real Estate
Jul 15, 2020

Common Types of Rental Scams And How to Avoid Them

With the majority of rental property searches, appointment scheduling and applications occurring online, it has become easier than ever for scammers to take advantage of prospective renters. As techno ...

Residential Real Estate
Jul 1, 2020

Security Deposit Tips for Rental Property Owners & Tenants

As you may know, security deposits are a standard component of renting a home whether you're an owner requiring the deposit or a new tenant paying the deposit. Security deposits are funds that ten ...

Residential Real Estate
Jun 15, 2020

Advantages of Long-Term Real Estate Investments: What You Need to Know

Adding rental properties to investment portfolios can have a vast array of benefits for today's investors. In comparison to other investment products on the market, real estate has no equal. Obtai ...

Residential Real Estate
Jun 1, 2020

Virtual Tours, Self-Guided Showings Allow Rental Market to Thrive During Covid-19

With all the uncertainty in the world over the past several months, investment property owners may be wondering how their rental properties will continue to be shown and leased. Thankfully, the proper ...

Residential Real Estate
May 8, 2020

Long-Term Rentals vs. Vacation Rentals: Why Long-Term May Be the Best Choice for Investors

As with many other things in the world today, there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding vacation and short-term rentals which, in North Carolina, are any rentals for a period of less than 90 days. Eve ...

Residential Real Estate
May 1, 2020

Renters with Assistance Animals: What Property Owners Should Know

These days, there may be some confusion regarding the laws surrounding service animals and emotional support animals for those who own rental properties. The department of Housing and Urban Developmen ...

Residential Real Estate
Apr 16, 2020

Warm Weather Property Maintenance Tips

With warmer weather having arrived in the Wilmington area and the hottest months of the year coming up, now is a good time to ensure that your investment property is prepared for the extreme temperatu ...

Residential Real Estate
Apr 1, 2020

Your Guide to Hiring the Right Professional Property Management Company

Choosing a professional property management company to care for your investment is not a task to be taken lightly. With all the options available today, you need to of course know how to properly vet ...

Residential Real Estate
Mar 15, 2020

Easy Upgrades That Can Maximize Your Rental’s Profitability

In an area with an extremely active rental market like Wilmington, finding people who are interested in renting your investment property often isn’t a problem. However, sometimes the problem lie ...

Residential Real Estate
Mar 3, 2020

Professional One-Time Leasing Services

If you're a long-time investment property owner experienced in managing your own tenants, you may not be looking for full-service property management services. However, sometimes finding and secur ...

Residential Real Estate
Feb 13, 2020

Property Management Services and Housing Options for Military Service Members

We in southeastern NC are fortunate to live close to some of the nation's best military bases located at Camp Lejeune and New River Air Station. There are many factors to be considered when it com ...

Residential Real Estate
Jan 29, 2020

Technology Must-Haves for Renters

These days, businesses are all but required to offer online options for their clients. This trend is perhaps nowhere more apparent than in the property management industry. Renters today want to be ab ...

Residential Real Estate
Jan 16, 2020

The State of the Rental Market In the Greater Wilmington Area

As you might expect, the state of the economy and the housing market - both locally and nationally - can have a huge impact on how your investment will fare in the upcoming year. The Wilming ...

Residential Real Estate
Jan 3, 2020

Benefits and Drawbacks of Renting to College Students

There are many advantages provided to investors who own rental properties in a college town. As long as there is a college or university accepting students, there will always be people looking for ren ...

Residential Real Estate
Dec 18, 2019

Finding Qualified Tenants for Your Investment Property

One of the best ways to guarantee that you'll get a good return on your investment home is finding quality tenants. Though this may sound simple, the discerning landlord will understand that there ...

Residential Real Estate
Dec 4, 2019

Is It Time to Adjust the Rental Rate on Your Investment Property?

Just as with any industry, the rental housing market experiences lots of changes — some occur rather quickly, others over longer periods of time. With that, investment property owners must ...

Residential Real Estate
Nov 15, 2019

Learning the Language of Property Management

When embarking upon purchasing your first investment property and preparing it for the rental market, you'll likely come across some words and phrases you aren't very familiar with. Like many ...

Residential Real Estate
Nov 1, 2019

Is Your Investment Property Ready for New Tenants?

Getting your investment property ready for the rental market is one of the most important steps you can take in ensuring you get a good return on your investment. If a property hits the market unprepa ...

Residential Real Estate
Oct 23, 2019

The Plus Side of Hiring a Professional Property Management Company

If you own an investment property or are considering purchasing one, chances are you’ve weighed out the pros and cons of hiring a professional property management company versus handling managem ...

Residential Real Estate
Oct 1, 2019

Preparing Your Property for Cooler Weather

Now that the fall season has arrived in the Cape Fear region, it is a good time to consider what maintenance projects may need attention around your home. Fall is a great time to evaluate the conditio ...

Residential Real Estate
Sep 12, 2019

Effective Marketing for Your Investment Property

Effective marketing is essential to getting proper exposure for your investment property — how else will people know there is a house to rent if it isn't being advertised? In today's tec ...

Residential Real Estate
Sep 1, 2019

The Perks of Owning — and Keeping — Investment Properties

Owning rental property can oftentimes prove to be one of the soundest investments you make. Real estate has for years been considered a more reliable investment than other types of investments like st ...

Residential Real Estate
Aug 16, 2019

Have You Done Your Hurricane Homework?

Many in the Cape Fear region took quite a hit when Hurricane Florence rolled through in September of last year. With the most active period of hurricane season upon us yet again, we at Sweyer Property ...

Residential Real Estate
Jul 28, 2016

What You Should Know About Managing Your Own Rental

We get calls to our office all the time from owners who have tried to self-manage their rental properties. They are to the point where something had gone wrong and they are done with the process. In ...

Jul 21, 2016

Lawn Care at Your Wilmington Rental Property

It saddens me when rental properties sit with neglected lawns and overgrown weeds. If property owners want to increase occupancy rates (and rental prices), the lawn is a great place to start. And ...

Jul 14, 2016

Maintaining and Protecting the Air Conditioning at Your Rental Property

Summer in the Cape Fear region is hot and humid. If you have rental properties, you are required to provide air conditioning to tenants. And for all parties involved, it is important that your air con ...

Jun 30, 2016

What Can a Property Manager Do for You?

Misty Marshburn-Smith is originally from Jacksonville, N.C., and joined the team here at Sweyer Property Management in 2007. Marshburn-Smith has been in the property management industry for more than ...

Jun 24, 2016

Five Details That Make a Big Difference to Your Rental Property

A rental property can be a wonderful investment, if someone is renting it. The good news is that there are things you as a property owner can do to help your occupancy rate stay high and your rental i ...

Jun 17, 2016

How to Handle Difficult Renters

No matter how much you prepare, sometimes it happens: difficult renters.   There are some big problems with renters that are more frequent than others and these can include renters disturbing t ...

May 24, 2016

Rental Property Dos and Don’ts: Trash Collection

There are a few things that sneak up on property owners and surprise them when it comes to managing their rentals. One of those things is trash collection.   Owners aren’t always aware of ...

Residential Real Estate
May 17, 2016

Purchasing Property Before Sales Prices Get Too High

While we all remember the housing crash a few years ago, reports coming in are projecting that things are generally on an upswing now and we're tasting recovery. And as I have shared before, I thi ...

Residential Real Estate
May 6, 2016

Why Your Property Isn’t Renting

So you’ve taken the step to invest in rental properties. Of course, we think you’ve made the right choice. From building wealth to tax advantages, there are many good reasons to own rental ...

Apr 28, 2016

Helping Military Families with Housing In Wilmington

Tracy Maurer is the daughter of a retired Navy commander, which means she’s lived in many different places growing up, including Japan. When her father retired, Tracy’s family settled in h ...

Apr 21, 2016

Why You Should Invest Your Tax Refund In Income Property

Tax time has come and gone. We hope you filed your taxes on time and, even more, we hope you have a refund coming your way! When trying to decide what to do with that refund, there are many opportunit ...

Apr 13, 2016

Ways to Upgrade the First Impression of Your Rental Property

We all know that first impressions matter. This holds true when it comes to your rental property. If you want to maximize your property’s income, you have to make sure you aren’t scaring a ...

Residential Real Estate
Mar 31, 2016

We’ve Gone Mobile to Meet the Growing Trend

Over the past year, we noticed an undeniable trend at Sweyer Property Management. We were getting more traffic to our website from mobile devices than desktop computers. This meant it was time for us ...

Mar 21, 2016

Managing the Online Reputation of Your Rental Property

In the age of social media and online rating sites, the majority of potential renters start searching for a place to live using some type of mobile device or desktop computer. By using popular rental ...

Mar 9, 2016

Owning Rental Properties In a College Town

If you own rental properties in Wilmington close to the beautiful UNC Wilmington campus, it is guaranteed that you will have college students interested in your property. Having a rental property t ...

Feb 25, 2016

When to Hold on to Your Investment Property

When you buy investment property, at some point down the road you will question if it’s time to sell or hold on to it. Everyone hears horror stories of investors waiting too long … or sel ...

Feb 22, 2016

The State of the Rental Housing Market In Wilmington, N.C.

With a continually changing and growing real estate rental market, I find it’s important to reflect on the past as well as look at the trends and growth that will carry us through this year. &n ...

Feb 15, 2016

Security Deposit Tips for Rental Properties

Requiring a security deposit is one of the standard components of renting out your investment property. Holding a deposit benefits the owner as it protects you from paying out of pocket for repairs th ...

Residential Real Estate
Jan 14, 2016

Four Questions to Ask a Rental Property Management Company

Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to hire a rental property management company for your rentals.  As we’ve discussed before, the decision to take this step was surely influenc ...

Residential Real Estate
Dec 9, 2015

Fair Housing Has Tremendous Implications for Landlords

As I mentioned in a previous article, owning rental property can be an effective strategy for building wealth. Navigating federal and state fair housing laws can be extremely complex; it’s criti ...

Nov 19, 2015

The Tax Advantages of Owning Rental Properties

With the end of the year approaching, many of us are being distracted by visions of sugar plums and thoughts of the holidays. For investors, business owners and contractors, however, it’s a time ...

Oct 26, 2015

Find a Higher Profit Margin By Reducing Vacancy Rates

Raising the rent on a rental property may seem like an easy way to increase profits, but reducing vacancies is a more effective strategy. While it is important to ensure that rents keep pace with infl ...

Residential Real Estate
Oct 5, 2015

Five Topics to Consider Before Purchasing a Condo

Buying a condominium or a townhome can be a great way to start investing in real estate. The cost is relatively low compared to purchasing a single family home, and many of the neighborhoods where con ...

Business Growth
Sep 18, 2015

How to Start Investing In Real Estate

Investing in real estate may sound like a great idea (see my article  on the topic), but the amount of detail and the number of steps involved can be intimidating, even for the most experien ...

Residential Real Estate
Sep 1, 2015

What to Consider When Self-Managing Your Rental Property

Many investors think that self-managing a rental property is just a matter of finding a nice tenant who pays on time. The reality is that there are many details and laws that pertain to managing a ren ...

Residential Real Estate
Aug 20, 2015

Curb Appeal Is Important – Even for Rental Properties

It never fails to surprise me when I hear a property owner tell me that it isn’t worth the effort to improve the curb appeal of their home, since “it’s just a rental.” After al ...

Residential Real Estate
Aug 1, 2015

Owning Real Estate Is an Effective Strategy for Building Wealth

Compared with every other investment product out there, real estate has no equal. This point is compounded after considering that interest rates are still hovering at all-time lows, and purchasing rea ...

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