Apr 4, 2023

Does Your HOA Management Company Get an A+ in Communication?

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Communication is key in any successful relationship, including communicating with your homeowners’ association (HOA) management company. Keeping open lines of communication between all parties involved can help ensure that the necessary tasks are completed properly and on time, build trust within the community, resolve issues quickly, and prevent misunderstandings from occurring. A good HOA management company should have great communication skills; however, many community association members report feeling frustrated with their current provider due to a lack of transparency and poor communication. In this blog post, we will explore why having an effective communication system is so important for you and your HOA management company, as well as ways that you can ensure better communication is happening between both sides.

The importance of clear communication

Communication is fundamental to any relationship, especially between associations and their management companies. With clear and consistent communication between both parties, it can be easier to navigate key issues about the property while fostering trust between owners, board members, and managers. Good communication should be proactive and focus on protecting and advancing the interests of the HOA through honest and transparent professional dialogue. This way, HOAs can guarantee that residents are well taken care of. In addition, the best HOA-management partnerships prioritize ongoing dialogue to maintain long-term working relationships.

Two reasons your management company isn’t answering the phone

  1. Outdated technology. One of the main causes of this problem stems from the use of outdated technology. This leads to a lack of transparency around important matters and puts a strain on both board members and residents, who may not feel a sense of being included in decisions or know what's going on. How easily can your association send out messages to all owners without incurring extra costs?  Additionally, no immediate way for residents to communicate their concerns can cause even more confusion or frustration when things are not dealt with promptly. How easily can homeowners find information and answers and access the association’s service team?  When it comes to successful HOA governance, communication is key. What if steps are not taken to ensure effective communication between all parties involved? In that case, problems will likely be experienced among the HOA board, residents, and management company.
  2. Lack of proper systems and processes. Various factors can lead to a lack of communication between HOA residents and their management companies—one of the largest is inadequate communication systems. Customers use multiple channels for communication and expect immediate responses. Homeowners must be educated to understand how they can access the information they need, and boards should have protocols for communicating regularly with homeowners to keep them engaged. The management company should offer resources and trusted guidance, ensuring the association’s success. Therefore, taking the time to develop systems and processes for communication should be a priority for businesses to ensure effective customer service is provided during all stages of progress.
Does your management company provide an online portal where owners can access their accounts in real time?

Poor communication from an HOA management company can lead to tension between managers, board members, and homeowners. One critical fix to this problem is having the right technology in place. Customer service is essential, so companies must be sure they use cutting-edge tools and resources that provide fast and accurate responses to inquiries. Having a user-friendly platform that allows homeowners to send messages and submit requests easily can go a long way in fostering open lines of communication. In addition, the right technology and team have the power to streamline procedures within a community management organization and help create harmony between all parties involved.

What questions should I ask about communication when looking for a new management company?

When evaluating an association management company, one of the most important features board members should consider is understanding how their team communicates with and provides support to residents. Questions like whether they have built an online portal for homeowners should be asked, and whether they have a support team set up to answer customer calls and emails. Furthermore, understanding the specifics of this team’s accessibility can provide insight into how capable the management company is of handling communication services. By asking these types of questions, board members can gain a better perspective on the services a potential management partner provides.

The relationship between an HOA management company, board members, and residents is an intricate web. If one part fails to adhere to communication expectations, it can disrupt the entire process. By understanding the importance of open communication, focusing on having sufficient staff to address homeowners’ concerns in a timely manner, and utilizing appropriate technologies, this connection is maintained and enhanced. When all involved acknowledge the need for effective communication within the relationship between HOA management companies, board members, and residents, everyone wins in the end. This communication is essential to ensure success in running an efficient homeowner’s association.

Some additional questions you may consider asking are:
  • Do they have multiple options for making electronic payments?
  • Do they have the ability for associations to send broadcast messages to the entire association?
  • What options exist for homeowner self-service?
  • What information and reports do board members have access to 24/7?
  • What tracking mechanisms are in place to ensure timely responses to customer requests?
CAMS’ Community Support Team

At CAMS, we have a Community Support team whose sole purpose is to answer client inquiries via phone, chat, email, or portal submission. The team has access to hundreds of data points for both owner and association accounts and, most of the time, can get you the answer you need on the first contact. We understand the importance of having the right technology and people to keep communication running smoothly. You can learn more about the team and how it has evolved here. In addition, the portal makes self-service easy so owners can find information 24/7 without waiting for an answer.  Additional resources exist in our online knowledgebase https://info.camsmgt.com/

About Community Association Management Services

In business since 1991, CAMS has been North and South Carolina’s premier community management company. With experienced local managers in each of its nine regions, CAMS provides innovative solutions to the community associations it serves. Additionally, CAMS was featured on Inc. Magazine’s 2022 Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in America. To learn more, visit www.camsmgt.com/choose-cams.

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