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Aug 8, 2022

Surpassing Incompetence and Going Beyond

Sponsored Content provided by Reggie Shropshire - Business Coach, ActionCOACH

If you own a growing business you will recognize this cycle …. Growth spurt … oh no, I have no idea how to run a business at this level …try a lot of things that don’t work … look inept in front of your team, customers, friends and family… finally figure out what works …feel awesome and that you’re in a great place … this isn’t enough, need to grow …growth spurt … rinse and repeat.
An issue that business owners and leaders consistently have to face involves growing into new levels of incompetency. The urge to grow may come from natural ambition, a growth addiction, or just out of the need for survival. A quote often heard in the business community is that, “If you’re not growing, you’re dying.” The problem with that idea is that it often takes entrepreneurs to a place they have never been before. Suddenly, there you are, without the knowledge, training and experience to handle this new level of business. Growth exposes a new, higher level of incompetence.

So now that you are here at a new level with more people depending on you than ever, what do you do to surpass this stage and go beyond?
SEEK KNOWLEDGE: The top inhibitor of growth is a lack of knowledge. Business owners that have stopped growing have typically stopped learning. There are more resources out there than ever, such as books, seminars, conferences, podcasts, audio books, industry groups and masterminds. As the saying goes, “The more knowledge you have the easier building your business becomes.” Learning every day can help you stay a step ahead.
GET SUPPORT: Navigating the complexity of building a business is exponentially easier with a guide(s). There are some excellent resources out there that can offer knowledge, best practices, lessons learned and critical distinctions that can help you avoid land mines and lead the way to successful progression. Coaches, consultants, mentors, a self-created advisory board and other growthminded business owners can facilitate your journey to success.
TAKE ACTION: The most successful business growers I know are the ones that take action quickly and decisively. They don’t get let anxiety about whether things will be right the first time get in the way. They just take a shot: Sometimes it hits and sometimes it fails miserably. Either way, they get the feedback that they need to adjust and proceed. Growth-minded business owners don’t see failures, just lessons learned. Oftentimes, a support group similar to what was mentioned earlier can be an accelerant for action.

If you have grown into a higher level of incompetence, CONGRATULATIONS! The critical next phase involves working to get the knowledge and support to take the actions you will need to break through, level up and see what the next stage of your business brings.

Coach Reggie draws on extensive personal and professional experience to ensure that local business owners get the advanced tools and strategies they need to grow their businesses and achieve their goals. A United States Marine Corps veteran and former executive of a multi-million dollar home manufacturer, Reggie is perfectly suited to tackle the toughest obstacles owners face in building their businesses. Today, he is on a mission to make an impact in his community by helping hundreds of business owners grow.

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