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Jun 8, 2015

Periscope And The Power Of Live Streaming Video

Sponsored Content provided by Mike Duncan - CEO and Creative Director, Sage Island

A few weeks ago, the online world was rocked by the debut of Periscope, a live streaming video app launched by Twitter. While this might not seem particularly monumental – after all, video has been around for ages – Periscope’s ability to broadcast live video directly to the Internet from any user’s smartphone makes it unique, exciting and rife with opportunity.
For the uninitiated, here’s a crash course in Periscope. First, download the app. Then find a few users who seem interesting and tune into their live streams. (A good rule for any social media platform is to make sure you understand how the community works before posting.) Once you feel ready to contribute a video of your own, tap the camera button at the bottom of your screen, give your live stream a title, decide how public you’d like it to be, and start filming.
As soon as your video begins streaming, other users can tune in and watch in real time. They can also comment, ask questions and “explore the world through someone else’s eyes,” as Periscope so eloquently puts it. Whether you think live streaming video is the Next Big Thing or just another silly distraction, no one can deny that Periscope is already changing the Internet.
A Whole New World
In much the same way Twitter was initially brushed off as nothing more than an excuse to tell the world what you were having for lunch, many of the first videos popping up on Periscope followed a strange trend – everyone, it seemed, wanted to see the inside of someone’s refrigerator. But as people adjusted to the idea of live streaming, their feeds became more interesting and creative. For example:

  • A writer for the website Wired recently took Periscope with him as he explored Madame Tussauds’ brand new Star Wars exhibit. More than 3,700 Periscope users tuned in to follow along, make requests and ask questions. According to the reporter, the experience was “definitely audience-led.”
  • The British Museum just announced that it would begin giving live tours by Periscope. Historian and broadcaster Dan Snow will be on hand to lead 30-minute journeys through the exhibition's white marble statues, terracotta works, bronzes and ornate vases.
  • NBC Sports used Periscope during both the Kentucky Derby and the Belmont Draw as another venue for live coverage. According to John Miller, chief marketing officer, Periscope in this case was a way to promote the Triple Crown race and to see everyone’s favorite horse, American Pharoah, before his big day.  
A World of Opportunity
I know what you’re thinking. “Sure, it’s easy for museums and sporting events to take advantage of live streaming video, but what does this have to do with me?” If you have a business or organization, the answer is: a lot.
Each time a new tool is released in the world, you have another way to help your business or organization succeed. By staying up-to-date with these trends and understanding how they work, you can use them to your advantage. For example, here are just some of the ways our marketing team at Sage Island has been exploring Periscope.
  • How-To Videos. Live demonstrations and informational videos are a great way to use Periscope to connect with your customers and clients.
  • Q and A sessions. If your organization is putting together a large event, releasing a new product, or simply wants to open the door to questions, Periscope is a great way to do it. Invite your community to tune to your broadcast and then answer questions as they appear on your screen.
  • Behind-the-scenes Footage. In our current environment, Internet users crave an inside look of anything (including your refrigerator). Give the people what they want by live streaming some of the every day realities of your business’s life. You might be surprised at how fascinating others find the simple acts such as unloading a new shipment, chatting before a meeting, or going to happy hour.
  • The Great Unboxing. “Unboxing” is the act of opening and unpacking a new product on film. This practice has recently become popular among consumers, because it shows them exactly what they can expect from a company when they order something online. It also helps generate excitement around a new product. You can start the trend for your business by unboxing a product live on Periscope, and encouraging others to do the same.
  • Stand Out – For Now. Periscope is still fairly new, which means it’s a novelty. If you can make it work for your business, you’re guaranteed to stand out, at least until everyone else catches up.
By staying up to date with the latest technologies, you can reap the benefits of new platforms while they’re still young and exciting. If you’re curious about Periscope and how it can work for your business or organization, contact our team at Sage Island. We love living on the edge and helping clients get the most out of everything the Internet offers.
Mike Duncan co-founded Sage Island in 1997, and since then has evolved the agency’s scope to include marketing strategy, creative design, technical development and a wide range of digital marketing services. With an integrated approach that leverages the power and measurability of the internet, the savvy Sage Island team develops strategies, builds brands, writes killer copy and delivers to clients all over the world. And they have an awesome time doing it. Sage’s collaborative working environment keeps creativity and innovation at the heart of the concept. With a 17-year history in Wilmington and beyond, Sage Island shows no signs of slowing down. To learn how Sage Island can grow your business, check us out at To stay updated on the latest in digital marketing, follow Sage Island on Facebook at, and on Twitter at

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