The 2023 WILMA Show


The WILMA Show
December 2, 2023
Wilmington Convention Center



The WILMA Show will showcase curated exhibit spaces from local, regional and national brands throughout several category sections including style + beauty, home + garden, health + wellness, food + drink, business + leadership and family resources.

As a vendor or sponsor, you have the opportunity to elevate your image, capture new customers and grow brand awareness with thousands of women attending The WILMA Show on Saturday, December 2.

The WILMA Show main event vendors will be displayed inside the Convention Center’s 30,000 square-foot exhibit hall.

  • 10x10 booth space in main Expo Hall (sizing may vary based on exhibitor package)
  • (1) 8 ft. skirted table
  • (2) Chairs
  • Booth ID sign with company name
  • Electricity available at vendor’s expense - Click here to order now. 
You need to fill out a form if you would like any of the following:
  • Electricity/Internet: Should be completed by Nov.21. If you sign up the DAY OF there will be an additional charge. Electric and Utilities Service Order Form
  • Complimentary WIFI will be provided for everyone throughout the Convention Center.
FOOD & BEVERAGE SAMPLES: To serve food/beverage samples, form must be submitted to Convention Center by Nov. 17. Food and Beverage Sampling Forms
  • Any sampling of food or beverage of any kind must be approved by the Convention Center 2 weeks prior to the WILMA Show. All NHC Health Department and WCC guidelines and rules for sampling must be adhered to by the vendors. 
  • Any products being sampled must be manufactured by the vendor. Additionally, no outside F&B may be sold on property at any time. 
  • Please forward any questions to Scott Frazzetta, Food and Beverage Director at the WCC [email protected]   



The WILMA Market is an exclusive section of The WILMA Show that is reserved for handmade / artisan / vintage vendors only.
Market vendors will be placed along the Marina and River Concourse inside the Convention Center. Click here for a full map of WCC’s floorplan.
  • Floorspace along the Marina or River Concourse inside the Convention Center
  • (1) 6 ft. skirted table
  • (2) Chairs
You need to fill out a form if you would like any of the following
  • Complimentary WIFI will be provided for everyone throughout the Convention Center.
  • Note: Electricity is not available to WILMA Market vendors.

​For all event-related questions, please reach out to WILMA's events director, Jamie Kleinman at [email protected].

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WILMA Show Showcase Level 1 Sponsor
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10x10 booth + 1/6 page ad
WILMA Show 10x20 Exhibit Space
10x20 booth only
WILMA Show 10x10 Exhibit Space
10x10 booth only
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WILMA Show Terms of Service 

Exhibitors shall be bound by the Rules and Regulations set forth herein, and by such amendments or additional rules and regulations which may be established by Show Management. References to 'Show Management' herein shall be deemed to include the WILMA Show, Show Sponsors, Endorsers, the facility, and duly authorized representatives, agents or employees of the foregoing. 

Exhibit booths shall be constructed of noncombustible or limited combustible materials. Draperies, curtains, table coverings and other similar loosely hanging furnishings and decorations shall be flame-retardant as demonstrated by NFPA 701. 

All decorations used in the building must be flame retardant according to the City of Wilmington fire codes. No decorations may be fastened or taped to walls, columns, floors, equipment, or WCC drapes (this does not include any drapes provided to exhibitors for event use), and nothing may be suspended from the ceiling without prior written permission from WCC management. Adhesive-backed stickers are prohibited and may not be given out on or affixed to the premises. 

Helium Balloons  
Helium balloons are not allowed in any part of the WCC for decoration, display, give away or for sale and helium balloons distributed outside the facility shall not be permitted inside the building. If helium balloons are released for any reason within the facility, there will be a $20 per balloon fee charged to Licensee for the removal of the balloons from ceilings and air handlers. 

Glitter, Streamers, and Confetti  
Glitter, streamers, and confetti are not permitted in the WCC. There will be a $250 cleanup charge for events using glitter, streamers, and confetti. 

Flower Petals, Birdseed, and Bubbles  
Flower petals, birdseed, and bubbles are permitted on the Event Lawn of the WCC for ceremonial purposes, but may not be used within the facility. Artificial flower petals are permitted inside the facility.

Sparklers are permitted to be used at WCC events but are subject to prior approval. Sparklers must be 10-14 inches long, be used outside only, and be accompanied by several water or sand buckets for dousing flames. 

The Wilmington Convention Center is the exclusive provider of electrical services within the WCC. Advance ordering and payment is required five (5) days out for all electrical hook-ups from exhibitors to avoid higher rates.

The WCC reserves the right to shut-off power to exhibitors/vendors/events without payment for service. To the extent possible, all lines shall be in the rear of the booth line. Ramping is permitted with Fire Marshal approval. All electrical cords, systems or fixtures of any type must be in compliance with the National Electric Code (NEC) and Underwriters Laboratories (UL) approved. 
  • Click here to access the Electric and Utilities Service form to purchase electricity for your booth space.
Exhibits must be kept in good order during all hours the show is open to the public. Show management reserves the right to approve the character and content of all exhibits, as well as the right to remove products or decorations that do not meet approval. 

All signs must be professional, of appropriate size and nature, and displayed within the limited of the leased exhibit space. Show Management reserves the right to remove any sign deemed unacceptable. 

Exhibitors are responsible for procuring the rights to copyrighted and trademarked material used in conjunction with their participation in the show, and for any consequences, fees and fines resulting from improper use. Materials include, but are not limited to, music, photographs, video, and logos. Uses include, but are not limited to, the exhibitor's exhibit in the show, material distributed at the show, material posted to exhibitor-created pages in WILMA magazine, on the website and other on-line entities related to the show, and materials provided to WILMA magazine for promotion of the exhibitor. The exhibitor understands that the use of copyrighted and trademarked materials without prior consent from the copyright holder is a violation of copyright laws and that the exhibitor is fully responsible for any consequences of using such materials. WILMA magazine does not monitor the use of exhibitor's materials, and takes no responsibility for such content. 

Exhibit areas, with the exception of pre-approved static features, must be staffed throughout show hours. 

Demonstrations, sales, solicitations, and use of circulars or promotional materials must be kept within the exhibitor's assigned space. Exhibitors may not conduct or solicit business beyond the confines of their exhibit. Materials promoting other events, as well as products and/or materials not related to the exhibiting company are prohibited. Advertising, circulars, catalogs, folders, or devices shall not be distributed or placed in the aisles, registration areas, or other public show areas. Any activity that results in obstruction of aisles or nearby exhibitor's space will be suspended until the congestion problem is solved. 

Vehicles / Boats  
Vehicles may be allowed in the building for display purposes provided they meet the following requirements:  
  • Keys are removed from the ignition  
  • All fuel tank openings shall be taped shut or locked to prevent escape of vapors. 
  • The hot lead battery cable shall be disconnected from the terminal and remain disconnected while the vehicle is inside the building. Loose cable ends shall be taped to cover all the exposed metal.  
  • Fueling or defueling is prohibited  
  • Fuel tanks shall be filled to not more than 1/4 capacity or five (5) gallons, whichever is less.  
  • Propellers shall be removed  
Exhibitors are prohibited from soliciting other exhibitors, except from within their own assigned exhibit space as well as before and after show hours. Non-exhibiting firms or organizations are not permitted to solicit business within the show. 

Exhibits which include the operation of equipment, musical instruments, radios, A/V equipment, public address systems, or any noise-making machines must be arranged inside the space, so that resulting noise does not disturb adjacent exhibitors and their patrons. Use of microphones must be approved by Show Management. 

The sale, sampling or distribution of food or beverages for consumption on the premises must be approved by Show Management. Check with Show Management about specific facility and health department rules and costs are associated with the facility. 

Licensees/exhibitors wishing to distribute/dispense their company food or beverage samples without charge MUST obtain written permission from the SAVOR Food & Beverage Director in advance. These products MUST be the exhibitor’s primary product and relate directly to the nature of the show. In addition, the New Hanover County Health Dept. requires any food/beverage samples must be approved and issued a permit prior to the event to distribute samples to the public.

The Sample Food and/or Beverage Distribution Authorization Form must be submitted four (4) weeks in advance by exhibitors prior to any food and beverage distribution on the show floor.
Exhibitors or Licensees wishing to promote booth traffic (i.e., popcorn, bottled water, snacks, etc.) must purchase those food and beverage items through SAVOR…Wilmington’s Food & Beverage department. Menus are available upon request. 
Exhibitors are charged with knowledge of all laws, ordinances, and regulations pertaining to health, fire prevention, customs, and public safety while participating in any exhibition (show) produced by WILMA magazine. Compliance with such laws is mandatory, and the sole responsibility of the exhibitor. If you are unsure of or unfamiliar with local laws, please request copy of same from Show Management. 

Exhibitor will be charged for any building and/or grounds damage caused by exhibitor, exhibit personnel, or subcontractors of the exhibitor. Additionally, exhibitor will be charged for removal of paint, oil, grease, adhesive tapes, floor abrasives, or for excessive debris left in the exhibitor's space. 

Exhibitor agrees that Show Management, without incurring any liability for damage or loss, has the right to dismantle and pack property that has not been removed prior to established move-out day and time. Such dismantling and packing will be at the sole expense of the exhibitor. Exhibitor agrees, with respect to any exhibit material or property of the exhibitor for which shipping arrangements have not been made, that Show Management shall have the right and authority to clear such property from the exhibition premises, designate carrier(s) for its return, send it to public or private storage, or otherwise dispose of it, without incurring any liability therefore. Cost of such removal, return, storage, and other disposition shall be charged to and paid by the exhibitor. 

Space assignment is made in keeping with exhibitor’s request, when feasible. Final determination of space assignment is made by Show Management, and assignments may be made or changed at any time when, as determined by Show Management, such change is in the best interest of the show. 

Exhibitor may not exhibit or sell, in the space assigned, any goods or services other than those specified on the Exhibit Space Application (or approved in writing as an addendum to the contact by Show Management). Additionally, exhibitor may not exhibit in the space, or permit to be exhibited therein, displays or advertising materials of any sort bearing the name or form of advertising other than that of exhibiting company or approved sponsor. 

Merchandise or services prohibited by law are not allowed in the show. This includes, but is not restricted to, unlawful reproductions of brand name merchandise. 

WILMA magazine reserves the right to use photographs and video taken of exhibitor, exhibit personnel, exhibitor's space or feature stage presentations. These photographs may be used only to promote future WILMA events. 

It is expressly understood and agreed by the exhibitor that he/she will make no claim of any kind against Show Management for any loss, damage, theft, or destruction of goods or exhibit; nor for any injury that may occur to himself or his employees while in the exposition facility; nor for any damage of any nature, or character whatsoever, and without limiting the foregoing, including any damage to his business by reason of the failure to provide space for an exhibit or removal of the exhibit; or for any action of Show Management in relation to the exhibit or exhibitor. The exhibitor shall be solely responsible to his own agents and employees, and to all third persons, including invitees, and the public, for all claims, liabilities, actions, costs, damages, and expenses arising out of or relating to the custody, possession, operation, maintenance, or control of said leased space or exhibit, for negligence or grievances otherwise relating thereto. Exhibitor does hereby indemnify and hold harmless Show Management against any and all such claims as may be asserted against it. 

To the extent that Show Management does not have control over parking, food concessions, loading and unloading areas, or any and all other facilities and services used in, at, or in conjunction with the show, including equipment owned by the facility or show decorator, Show Management expressly disclaims responsibility for any aspect thereof. Show Management shall, to the best of its ability, serve as the liaison between the exhibitor and any such third party. Exhibitor agrees not to deal directly with any such third party without first notifying Show Management. 

Upon acceptance of the Application/Contract by Show Management, it shall be a legal binding contract, provided that each party may cancel within the conditions of the contract. Show Management reserves the right to make and publish show rules and regulations for the conduct of the exhibitor, and the show generally. Further, Show Management reserves the right to make changes, amendments and additions to these rules and such further rules and regulations as it considers necessary for the good of the show. Any matters not specifically covered herein, or in the application/agreement or show prospectus, are subject to decision by Show Management, and its decision on any matters which may arise thereunder shall be final. 

Event Discussion


Saturday Dec 2, 2023

10:00 AM to 4:00 PM


Wilmington Convention Center

515 Nutt Street
Wilmington, NC 28401